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"Evolution of the Paralegal Studies Program Web Page
from 1997 to Present"

1. Fall 1997- Constitutional Law - December 1997
includes cases, and websites for students (eg. historic Supreme Court Cases)

2. Summer 1998 - Business Law 1 - Contracts - June 1998
includes quizzes, and lecture notes, first use of hypernews discussions, course descriptions added.

3.Fall 1998 - Law 17 - Legal Writing -
use of listbot mailing system to students, first use of posting grades on the internet, simple syllabus used, integrated use of cases/codes and students posting their work

4. Spring 1999 - Law 10 - Intro to Law -
first use of webpage to do a joint class project (mock trial - People v. Tommy Bruno), also student makes powerpoint (tour of our paralegal program)

5. Fall 1999 - develop entire grid for all of classes - so students can access all of classes with one page.

6. Fall 1999 - Bus. Law 2 - Partnerships and Corporations - - first breakdown into lecture notes, assignments, discussions and assignments. introduction of chat (javairc - chat). also web resources (eg. study skills, and jobs)

7. Spring 2000 - Law 16 - - yahoo and hotmail placed on the page to help students get to their email accounts.
the one minute paper, Findlaw legal research engine added to help students find cases and codes, materials for the class added for first time.

8. Summer 2000 - Bus. Law 1 - Contracts - new white page for class used - easier to use. on left side important links - updates added to page to include "newer webpages and information" for students.

9. Fall 2000 - all classes put in "colored schedule"
Law 19 - Property Law Instructions added to class, course description added, schedule first added to help students work from week to week in the class.

10. Spring 2001 - (California Law) and (federal and all 50 states) offered to students as legal research tools. "can't find it - index" added to help students locate websites. website developed to help students find the webpage easily.

11. Summer 2001 - "How to Evaluate a Paralegal Program" added for inquiring minds (paralegal that is) - also help students to now apply online for their classes. Inquiry link added to give information to "prospective paralegal students (gives information on history of program, also about Prof. J., and his curriculum vitae.

12. Fall 2001 - post jobs for paralegals, help in writing resumes., and develop online resumes for students. - also lawlinks used for updating paralegals with new legal websites.

13.Winter 2002 - quiz answer templates provided to students, introduce yourself to class added, and "How to Study Law" added, and "How do I learn best" - learning styles inventory added.

14. Spring 2002 - "What do paralegals do" added, website added to make it easier to get to webpage, "read this if you are an online student",  students do online orientation (from Foothill College) online paralegal certificate added to program - now students can get certificate entirely "online"      start to number both the grades and the schedule so students can locate both easier.

15. Summer 2002 - Completely online paralegal certificate inaugurated - and Etudes Learming Management System adopted by online and on campus program.

16. Summer 2005 - Paralegal Program will phase over to Etudes - NG, and participate in the "Sakai Project".

David Jordan, Esq.