Letter from the Editors (Mission Statement)

Fall 2001

Profile: Roxann Dalrymple from Jamaica

     Ms. Dalrymple is a full-time instructor, who teaches English. She earned her BA from UCLA and her MA from Howard University. Her BA is in Political Science and her MA is in English with a focus on Caribbean literature.

     Greetings Guests,

     I was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Spanish Town, which was originally called St. Jago de la Vega, was the capital city when Jamaica was under Spanish rule. After the British conquered Jamaica from Spain, they moved the capital to its current location, Kingston.

     Although I migrated to North America when I was eight years old, I still consider Jamaica to be my home. In order to maintain close ties with my culture, I return to Jamaica as frequently as four times a year.

     One of my favorite places to visit in Jamaica is Negril, which is located on the coast and is best known for its seven-mile beach. Although Negril is amazing all year round, Negril peaks during Spring Break. While there one must visit Rick's Café to cliff jump and "watch the sun melt into the Caribbean".

     One of the reasons that I "come back to Jamaica" again and again is for the social life. During the month of April, Jamaica celebrates Carnival. During Carnival, revelers dress up in costumes, aka play mas, and dance in the streets to the sound of soca music. In August Jamaica hosts SumFest, which is the greatest reggae show in the world.

     Two of the most important social events that take place in Jamaica are Emancipation Day and Independence Day. Emancipation refers to the day the British outlawed slavery and Independence refers to the day the British declared Jamaica a free land. Emancipation occurred on August 1, 1838 and Independence occurred on August 6, 1962.

     In addition to these events, Jamaica has the most breath-taking natural features. The most well known is Dunn's River Falls, located in Ocho Rios. Another natural wonder in Jamaica is the Rio Grande, which you can float on in a bamboo raft.

     No trip to Jamaica would be complete without a visit to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston to pay your respects to the person who made the world know and love Jamaican music, Bob Marley.

     Although Bob Marley is the most well known Jamaican, Jamaicans have always made an impact on American culture. Garth Fagen, for example, who chorographed The Lion King is a yardie, aka Jamaican. Those of Jamaican descent include General Colin Powell, June Jordan, Lennox Lewis, Tyson Beckford, and a long list of other Jamericans.

     So come to Jamaica! Everything there is always irie.

 LANGUAGE: Patois - Jamaica's language
 FOOD:  typical Jamaican meals for the week
 CUSTOM OF THE WEEK:  Chinese Lion and Dragon dances
 Places to visit or special Holiday: Skiing in Slovakia

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