Mission Statement

El Rincon's name reflects the incredible diversity that Mission College has within its walls, in our "corner" of the northeast San Fernando Valley. Our College is blessed not just with a wide ethnic diversity, but also with a deeply talented and professional faculty, classified staff, administration, and student body.

It is with great pride that Mission College celebrates its Diversity.

El Rincon will regularly Profile our diverse faculty, classified staff, administration, and student body with a story of their lives, including something about their native country, information about their family, their traditions, culture, foods, music, holidays, and the like.

In addition, through links and other material, El Rincon will offer tidbits about culture, cuisine, holidays, and places to visit.

The idea of El Rincon springs a little from the T.V. show "Mr Roger's Neighborhood". Remember how Mr. Rogers, would enter his neighborhood every week and would invite you into a world of tolerance, understanding, appeciation, and excitement about others, and travel to far off lands.

Through these pages, we hope that we can open up a similar world of "peace and understanding," where diversity is embraced and celebrated.

Welcome and enjoy.

The Editors.