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Fall 2000: Volume 15     
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For Whom the Bell Tolls
Campus News & Events

Multimedia Art Show - South Atrium
Weds. 11/29 & Thurs. 11/30

Classified Senate Meeting
November 30 - Thursday 1:30 pm

Inauguration of our President
Dr. Adriana Barrera
December 1st - Friday

All Campus Holiday Party
December 7th - 11:30 - 2 pm
presented by the Classified Senate, AGS, ASO
& Culinary Arts

Kudos Appreciation & Recognition
of Efforts (KARE)
Training Request Form
What is a "Kudos Award"
Kudos Awards: (Congratulations!)
Pat on the Back - Bill Ruiz & Juan Chacon
Extra Effort - Sandra Hernandez


In Sites 

Resources on the Internet 

Staff Development "Hot Links"

Flex Activities - 2000

The Corner

A showcase for creative endeavors

  • "My Big Toe" by John Orozco - from his great new novel - "Delano"

  • Student Poetry

  • Artist & Multimedia Club -
    Mondays 5 pm CS LAB 2009

    Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society
    Mondays 12:45 pm - ASO Office

    Math Club
    12-1 pm I-1004
    Thursday 11/30/00

    Notes from the Academy 
  • Ablemuse.com - a review of metrical poetry
  • - great place to post your poetry. link recommended by Ralph La Rosa - and see Ralph's new poem "The Eclipse". nice work Ralph.
  • Chicano Activist Oscar Zeta Acosta
  • - suggested by our Chicano Studies Prof. John Morales. thanks John.
    Web Site of the Week:  Harlan's Art Corner - nice pictures from Harlan Goldberg Humantiies Dept.
    BOOK LOVERS LIST:  "The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo" by Oscar Zeta Acosta "This is the life story of a man whose pain is made real, whose roots are in question,
    and whose society seems to be fragmenting around him."--Saturday Review of Literature
    [Review a book] [Best Books List]
    Beyond our Walls (News from the community): 
  • University of California Riverside - California Museum of Photography
  • - includes historic photographs of all 21 of the California Missions

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