The "web project" and the use of web teaching tools
or "from CSUN to Oxnard in less than one generation".

History of the web project

The web project orignally started at CSUN in 1995- with Director John Hartzog, and virtual CSUN or, Teachers first at Cal State Northridge, and then at the Community Colleges (Santa Monica, Mission College, and others) started to obtain webpages on the server and learned how to create simple webpages with links to their syllabus, assignments, tests and quizzes

However, the web project was much more. The project relied upon the concepts of John Hartzog, its able director, and his strong belief in "freeware", and that the "Best Wares in Life are Free". Three ("free") webtools for teaching were developed by the webproject, hypernews ("threaded discussions"), quizmaker (now located at, and irc = internet relay chat ("chat"). From 1995 to 2000, the webproject conducted web teaching workshops and trained Community College faculty at L.A. City College, Moorpark, Mission, College of the Canyons, Onxard, and Ventura in the use of the web teaching tools.

Online teaching is a collaborative endevour. In November of 1999, CSUN held a Regional Conferenece "Virtual Visions" on webteaching, and faculty trained on the free web teaching tools introduced the use of the free tools, and gave examples of "best practices" for each tool, and how to use it in the classroom. Each instructor who uses the web teaching tools seems to develop their own "unique" use and application of these powerful tools.

The Web Project Today

The webproject is "alive and well" at Oxnard Community College, in large part, through the combined efforts of John Hartzog, and Scott Corbett. and now is located at Oxnard Community College. One of the new exciting projects being developed is the Oxnard Library Adult Literacy Project by Sheryl Thompson.

The Fab Five instructors

No, I didn't say the "Fab Four", I said the "Fab Five" -

The following Five (5) instructors, activley engage their students with the web teaching tools (of course, amongst countless others)

Dr. Alan Buckley, Political Science, Santa Monica College
Ilene Rubenstein, Director of the Learning Resource Center, Cal State Northridge
Sheryl Thompson, Program Director, PACE, Cal. State Northridge
Scott Corbett, History, Onxard
David Jordan, Paralegal/Law Mission College