(also known as Flex Days or Staff Development Days)

The AFT and District agree to the following:

Mandatory professional development day (August 29, 2002) will require the attendance of all fulltime classroom faculty at the planned college activities on that day; hourly faculty are welcome to attend such activities but may meet their professional development obligation as well by the methods indicated below.

For fulltime faculty teaching on a compressed calendar, the acdemic work day is 6.7 hours per day, and the professional development obligation is 33.5 hour of professional development activity per academic year.

For persons with hourly teaching assignments, the hourly teaching professional development obligation for an acdemic year equals half the sum of the standard hours value of the fall assignment and the standard hours value of the spring assignment. (The standard hours value of a course is the number of hours per week it would have met if taught in full semester mode in a traditional uncompressed semester). Hourly professional development obligation is not related to the days a class meets or the dates of the assignment, applying equally to all whose assignment have the same standard hours.

The professional development schedule will run from July 1 to June 30 each year, reporting once a year. Reports on professional development activity are due from faculty the day after the last professional development day of the spring, and final reporting will be completed by June 30.

The professional development obligation remains even though the designated professional development days shown on the calendar may occur outside of the payroll assignment. The faculty member is paid for the obligation as part of the total level pay issued over the term of the assignment for the class