Mandatory Flex Day 8-29-02
Notes and Dates

1. Please use the AV request form when requesting Audio Visual in your classroom. it is located under faculty and forms on our main college webpage, at
Also if you want a demonstration on how a "smartclassroom works" (by the way a smartclassroom is a classroom with only smart students (bad joke) - call Terry Carter at Ext. 7834 and he will show you how it works. Prof. Jordan of the Paralegal Program has recently written an article on "Smartclassrooms".

2.Rick Scuderi, director of the Disabled Students Services would like to make himself available today (8/29/02) for any questions you might have about their excellent program and services for your students.

3. The Master Calendar allows faculty, staff, and outside ierests the ability to reserve a room or area on campus for meetings, training or that special event. We can help you coordinate your audio/visual, culinary, custodial, signage and parking needs in one phone call or e-mail. However, we do not handle the scheduling of classes. The Facilities Use Request form is now available on the Internet for your convenience. - contact Maggie La Bash at Ext. 7802, and the forms again are under faculty and forms on our main college webpage.

4. Maria Fenyes will be giving workshops over the next two weeks. You will be reeiving ballots in your home mail and they must be received at the AFT Guild Offices no later than 4 pm on Tuesday, September 24th. The full text of the agreement can be found at

5. You can get your class rosters by going to the website, and under faculty, click on "check your class roster" - then your user name is the six letters of your last name, first letter of your first name, and first letter of your middle name - and your password is your employee id number.

6. Please sign in at the back of the room. If you do not sign in today, we do not count you as "present" - and you will have to take a "sick day" - because the district is paying you today for this Professional Development Day. it is part of your overall pay.

7. There are some new flex guidelines, and Sandi Lampert will go over those before lunch. There is a handout being passed around. These new rules were promulagated on 8/20/02 between the AFT and the District under a memorandum of understanding, and after consultation with all of the Staff Development Flex Chairs in the District. The new understanding is more clear and understandable.

8. The list of rooms and meetings for disciplines is also in a handout, so please pick one up at the back.

9. An updated agenda for today's events was sent to in the mail by Bill Farmer, and you hopefully received it in your home mail in the last few days.

We started with our continental breakfast today at 8:15 am, we want to thank Rudy and Louis, and the Culinary Arts Staff for their fine food and services. then we will open our day with a Welcome Back from our esteemed President, followed by introduction of new staff, and then 3 Classroom Presentations. John Orozco in CSB 101 - will demonstrate how to use a Dialectic Journal to improve your students writing in the classroom, Gary Prostak, will talk about Multi-Modality in the class, and Gardners 7 Intelligences, and how to teach to the students best learning style, and that is in CSB 105, and then in the Physics Lab, Room 1015 in the Instructional Building, Richard Rains will demonstrate the Chaos Theory, and practical applications to your life.

Those start at 9:45 am, and if these instructors could let you out about 11:00, then please take a short break, and be back in the Campus Center promptly at 11:15, and VP Bill Farmer will give an update on Academic Affairs. This is very important since we have had so many new changes, so please be on time>

Then at noon we will have lunch in the North Atrium Cafeteria, followed by Discipline and Department Meetings starting at 1 pm, and when you complete those meetings that will complete your Mandatory Flex Day obligation, or Professional Development Day, as we like to call it now.
Please refer to your handout on the room locations for your meetings.

10. There is an Evaluation Form we are passing out now. Could you please fill it in. This helps us to plan future Professional Development Activities. Your comments and suggestions are very useful for us.

11. Some important dates: 9/03 Mens Soccer, 9/06 Womans Soccer, 9/09 ASO sponsored Juvenile Diabetes Golf Tournament, Days of Remembrance in the Quad on 9/11, and on 9/21 in Giffith Park, the American Heart Association Walk, that is a Saturday,

12. Hope you all have a great Fall Semester.

these notes and dates are found on

David Jordan