Staff Development Goals for Fall 2002-Spring 2003


Develop Weekly "Best Teaching Practices" newsletter, and encourage faculty to contribute to the electronic newsletter.
1. Food for Thought - 4 for the semester - topics: from Culinary Arts possibly on cooking, or table ettiquete, Biology - use of
powerpoint in the classroom - Tai Chi or Yoga, and stress reduction methods
2. MS Word and Excel - 2 workshops developed by Pat Flood - implemented by a student worker - helpful word processing tips
3. - Doug McFerran, Juan Chacon, and David Jordan to work on updating links at that site, and then implement online
course for adjunct and full time faculty
4. Roster - grades - get faculty set up on the district system so they can access their grade rosters online.
5. "Measurable Student Outcomes" - work with Maury Pearl, and others to assist faculty in developing these Measurable Student
Outcomes, and to implement posting of grades in excel to advise students of their progress in class.
6. Online Education Newsletter - Doug Mcferran and David Jordan to work on a monthly publication of news and events with online
and distance education.
7. Part Time Survival Guide from AFT - Maria Fenyes and David Jordan to do some training with adjunct faculty using the Part Time
Survival Guide.
8. Teleconferences - Terry Carter. 2 educational ones
9. Learning Paradigm - one workshop with Scott Corbett, Oxnardcc web project


1. 9/26/02 -- Classifed Staff "Welcome Back (aka Classified Flex Day)
2. 10/05 -- Evening by the Fountain - promote
3. November or Spring -Classified Recognition Awards
4. December - Classified Christmas Party - Decembe 18th


1. Staff on the Move - Cindy Walker to continue her staff walking/exercise program
2. April - 4CSD Lake Tahoe Spring Staff Development Conference - recruit 3-4 participants.
3.Coninue Kudos Appreciation Awards
4. Diversity Committee - monhtly events centered on cultural and ethnic values.
5. Mission Green - plant flowers on campus

Goals for Classified Professional Development for Fall 2002

1. Develop some physical exerise program, including possibly Tai Chi, stress reduction,
walking (Cindy "the walker" Cooper - Staff on the Move program.

2. Develop two or more workshops "Speak up for Yourself" - speech type training in
being assertive and not aggressive.

3. Possible Weight Watchers meetings during lunch for classifed (also faculty)

4. Health Screening - ultrasound to check for cardiovascular disease, etc. - also possible
Campus Health Fair for classified employees.

5. New Classified Employees Orientation - time sheets, tour of campus, etc. fashion after
Disney's "7 Steps to the Magic Kingdom"

6. MS word, excel, and powerpoint training, also simple email skills.

7. (David Green -EAP training - sexual harrassment, and stress management)

8. "Classified and Faculty Employee of the Month" - establish rules and selection
committee, then work on setting aside two parking spaces.

9. Workshop on "Classified Contract 101" - learn the "nuts and bolts" of the classfied

10. During the Summer, a Classified Professional Development day (similar to the Fall
Faculty Professional Development Day).

11. End of Regisration Spring Breakfast - breakfast served to all of
classified employees by faculty and administration as a "kudo" or "pat on the back" for all
of the great work by classified to start the semester off with a "bang" (during "Administrative Assistants Week in the Spring".